y is juilet so fuching deppresing and dragging andy dawn

Cause she don’t got shit else to do with herself.

I not only hate Juliet, I hate Andy now too. I really cannot stand him because of her. For one thing, I'm tired of watching him look miserable & he mainly looks miserable around her.

He always looks miserable when he’s near or around her.

This is a serious question. You've seen how bad Juliet's feet look. I mean, most people have never seen feet that look that badly. Not only are the toe nails green and big, her big toe is so distorted, it's curled under her other toes. Do you think it's birth defect?

The distorted toes maybe. But that doesn’t excuse her for not taking care of her feet.

she needs to stop wearing those ugly fucking crop tops and stop shoving andy into everything she wouldn't even be where she is know without a famous boyfriend and she needs to stop smoking she sound like a man and her singing voice makes me cringe

Her voice makes children cry and dogs howl. Crop tops are not her friends if I was Andy and I had to leave the house with that her ass Is riding in the back seat. She can’t, she doesn’t know how to do shit on her own.

Anons, you need to take your own advice & get lives. You come on here & ask admins why they obsess over Andy's relationships, but you don't realize it is YOU who are obsessed. You are obsessed enough to come to a hate blog & try to convince people he is with some wench with man hands who can't get a record contract. Just get a life & move on, dude!


Juliet was dropped from another label that Automatic Love letter had called Paper & Plastick. Now she really has no label at all after 11-15 years in the biz. This comes after all the help Andy gave her. It's like the harder he pushes her the worse she does. I don't know what's wrong with her but something is definitely wrong with her.

Someone who understands what we’re saying!

Also, Andy just posted a picture "with his beautiful Juliet" on Instagram :) so you can hate all you want, they love each other. Boom.

Believe what you want. Strictly publicity, sweetheart. Strictly publicity.

Here's a good question: what's your fuckin damage? You couldn't POSSIBLY know that Andy doesn't love Juliet anymore. You aren't in their personal life, so you have no right. So put on your big girl panties and quit acting like you know their lives.

Once you put your relationship out there shit is gonna get said and there’s not a thing you or anyone else can say. I have my opinion to me she’s a viper slithered her way into his life and now he can’t get rid of her so he grins and bares it or just hunkers down until she leeches her way into another man’s bedlike she has before.

They love each other, just try to focus more in your life than you do with others :D

I have my life planned out as far as you’re concerned. It’s very apparent that he doesn’t love her anymore. The body language the way he used to look at her, he just looks uncomfortable with her.

How does that person even know Andy's sad right now because people are hating on his family? He's said he's never been happier these days and honesty I think it's because he's free from Juliet now

I agree.