I'm just curious as to why you would dedicate a blog to hating someone? Not saying that i honestly like her. In fact i really don't but because i love Andy i deal with her. My point of view is there happy who cares. Now i am not trying to start a fight just wondering why? I have seen many hate blogs for all different things so i'm asking.

I’m hardly on here half the time because I have my own blog to maintain.

Say you hate Juliet for her lack of talent or rudeness fine, I dont like her either. But its ridiculous to call her fat. Shes actually very, very thin. So dont let your dislike make you say shit that is very obviously untrue.

Dude I haven’t called her fat! I’m fat myself. I’m just saying if she has a weight problem she should seek help.

Okay. So today from my friend’s Instagram, I got in a fight with Juliet Simms fans on her profile. lol
If you want to check it out go ahead. Her Instagram name is midnight_shadow_56. It’s the 2nd Pledge picture Juliet posted.

Pretty sure Andy broke up with Juliet but she refuses to believe it.

She’s not getting the hint. I’d send her a text (I mean this to sound the way it does) “Juliet don’t bring yo ass back. I have sent Femme back to your parents.”

Shit he and Juliet are still together. I saw on her Instagram from a week ago. Nothing on his but oh my god I hope it ends soon man because if everything about Juliet is true and I were him I would've broken up with her a long time ago. I'm sorry

If I were Andy I’d put ALL her shit on the curb and change the locks better yet move FAR away.

Okey, I hate every single inch of Juliet, but seriously in one picture you call her out for being a 'faaattttyyyyy' and in the other she's too underweight. If those are the only reasons you hate her plus she's untalented then seriously fuck you. She has done so many fucked up shit and you call her out for THAT?

WHOA! HEY! we admins had nothing to do with that picture. The original blog owner made those. I’m fat too what reason would I have for that?

In the last picture that Juliet upload no instagram, you can see the "love" that Andy have for Juliet - *you can see the sarcasm*

I love this anon!

do u know anything about the walmart incident?

Ask one of the ladies on bandgirlconfessions.

whats the walmart incident? do u know?

I’ve heard something but I don’t know anything about it.

how do you know that she cheated on him

Go look on wehatejulietsimms.