i love your blog omf, thankyou for creating this because i hate juliet too !

You’re very welcome.

Juliet just commented on Andy's photo and Andy just called her beautiful and that he misses her. How could he say that about that woman. Makes me so mad at him. Such a sweetheart with a terrible woman. Shameful

She’s brainwashed him.

I can't see the tweet pictures in your /post/53581745597/so-we-all-know-juliet-was-a-friend-of-scouts. Do you still have them?

Im not sure which one you’re ta

I can't believe that some people deny that Juliet is a rude human being. She gets so angry when a person sees her in public and says hello. And she doesn't allow Andy to hug HIS fans. How could you not hate someone for that??? People think she can do no wrong because she's dating perfect little Andy. I have no idea what his freakin problem is dating that bitch. I hope it all ends soon.

See people! This us perfect common sense! Why would you wanna be her fan!? Andy is blind as fuck if he doesn’t see that she’s destroying his fan base.

Can you take this page down


Why run it then

Because I want to. I really don’t see the need to explain myself to you. Thank you for wondering why I do what I do. *sarcasm *

What I don't get is if you hate her so bad why make a blog l about her don't you have better things to do

Let me make this as clear as I can. I.DID.NOT.MAKE.THIS.BLOG!!! I just run it. I’m a painter, Archer,writer and I’m currently working on getting my CNA so no I don’t devote all my time to this blog

Your a fat ugly bitch

Darling if that’s your way of calling me beautiful then thank you. You can’t really insult me because it won’t bother me so you just made yourself look like an ass.

Why do u hate her

Go through the blog.

So you think you know ok

Blah!!! Blah!!! Bllllllaaaaaahhhhh!!!!